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本文摘要:Ctrip International, the Chinese online travel service provider, has agreed to buy Skyscanner, the airfare comparison web site, for approximately £1.4bn.中国在线旅游服务供应商携程旅行网(Ctrip)已表示同意耗资近14亿英镑,并购飞机票比价网站Skyscanner。


Ctrip International, the Chinese online travel service provider, has agreed to buy Skyscanner, the airfare comparison web site, for approximately £1.4bn.中国在线旅游服务供应商携程旅行网(Ctrip)已表示同意耗资近14亿英镑,并购飞机票比价网站Skyscanner。The deal adds to the $191bn worth of Chinese overseas acquisitions that were announced during the first nine months of this year, with a number of those deals taking place in the travel and entertainment industries.今年头九个月宣告的中国海外收购交易规模约1910亿美元,这些交易中有多宗交易都再次发生在旅游和娱乐产业。

携程此次收购为上述交易又加添了一笔。But some deals in tourism are heading in the other direction, with Airbnb in talks to buy China’s second-largest home accommodation service, Xiaozhu.不过,旅游业中部分交易正在南北另一个方向,Airbnb正在积极开展磋商,打算并购中国第二大民宿服务公司小猪短租(Xiaozhu)。Ctrip, which is listed on the Nasdaq, said in a statement it has signed a definitive agreement with the majority shareholders of Edinburgh-based Skyscanner Holdings, with the purchase consideration consisting mainly of cash.携程目前已在纳斯达克(Nasdaq)上市,该公司在一份声明中回应,早已和总部坐落于爱丁堡的Skyscanner Holdings多数股股东签订了一份最后协议,购入价格以现金居多。Skyscanner’s board of directors have approved the transaction, subject to the usual approvals, and the deal is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year. The company’s management team will continue to manage Skyscanner’s operations independently as part of the Ctrip group.Skyscanner董事会已遵照一般来说的核准程序批准后了该交易,交易预计在今年年底已完成。

交易已完成后,该公司管理团队将作为携程集团的一部分之后独立国家管理Skyscanner的运营。James Jianzhang Liang, co-founder and executive chairman of Ctrip, said:“We are excited to welcome Skyscanner into the Ctrip group. Ctrip and Skyscanner share the same passion and dedication in providing travelers around the world with better services. This acquisition will strengthen long-term growth drivers for both companies. Skyscanner will complement our positioning at a global scale, and we will leverage our experience, technology and booking capabilities to help Skyscanner.”携程牵头创始人兼任继续执行董事会主席梁建章回应:“我们热烈欢迎Skyscanner重新加入携程集团。携程和Skyscanner对于为全球旅行者获取更佳的服务抱有某种程度的热情和奉献精神。

这次并购将同时强化两家企业的长年快速增长驱动力。Skyscanner将为我们在全球尺度下的定位作出补足,我们也不会利用我们的经验、技术和订票能力协助Skyscanner。”Gareth Williams, Skyscanner’s co-founder and chief executive said there was a “huge amount” the company could learn from Ctrip, which is the market leader in China.Skyscanner牵头创始人兼任首席执行官加雷思.威廉斯(Gareth Williams)回应,携程是中国市场的领袖,该公司可以从携程教给的东西“近于多”。

“Today’s news takes Skyscanner one step closer to our goal of making travel search as simple as possible for travelers around the world. Ctrip and Skyscanner share a common view – that organizing travel has a long way to go to being solved. To do so requires powerful technology and a traveler-first approach.”“今天的新闻让Skyscanner距离我们的目标更加将近了一步,这个目标就是:让全球旅行者的旅游搜寻尽量非常简单。携程和Skyscanner有一个联合的观点:对旅游的的组织还要回头很长的路才能获得解决问题。做这一点必须有强劲的技术和把旅行者摆在首位的处理方式。”Ctrip shares ended 2.1 per cent lower on Wednesday, but were up 7 per cent in after-hours trading on the Nasdaq.周三,携程股价收跌2.1%。




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